Workplace Skills Plans / Annual Training Reports (WSP/ATR)

Workplace Skills Plans / Annual Training Reports (WSP/ATR)


  • WSP/ATR is developed annually by a registered Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) and is submitted to the SETA with which the organisation is registered.

  • WSP/ATR uses different periods for the submission, most Seta’s uses the period of 01 April to 31 March, except MERSETA which will use the period of 1 January to 31 December.

ExcelGrow Services: 

ExcelGrow assists companies to draft and submit a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report on an annual basis.


Implementation Plan:  4 x Phases

  • Phase One: Collection of relevant Data for the Submission.
         The use of a Data Collection Sheet to accumulate data relevant to your specific Seta.

  • Phase Two: Drafting of the data collected.
          Draft the WSP/ATR on the relevant online Management System.

  • Phase Three: Collect all relevant documentation.
          Excelgrow will assist the company in the collection and development of all relevant Documentation.

  • Phase Four: Submission       
          Final Submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report.

Other relevant Benefits to consider:

  • Companies cannot do a B-BBEE verification without annual WSP/ATR Submissions.

  • Companies can claim back a portion of their SDL Levy paid to the SETA, when a successful submission has been conducted via Mandatory Grant submissions.

  • ExcelGrow can act as a Skills Development Facilitator to ensure all relevant compliances.

Next Steps:

  • Contact our office to arrange a meeting.

  • An assessment will be made of your specific needs, followed by an agreed upon process.

  • Note: The first meeting is always free of charge.

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