Workplace Skills Plans / Annual Training Reports (WSP/ATR)

Workplace Skills Plans / Annual Training Reports (WSP/ATR)


  • A WSP/ATR is developed annually - for the period 01 April to 31 March - by a registered Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) and is submitted to the SETA with which the organisation is registered. 

  • The WSP/ATR facilitates access to the SETA's mandatory grant for skills training.  Organisations are required to report against their WSPs in an Annual Training Report (ATR) that shows how they have addressed the priority skills lists defined on the SETA's website.

ExcelGrow Services: 

ExcelGrow assists companies to draft and submit a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report on an annual basis.


Implementation Plan:  4 x Phases

  • Phase One: Collection of relevant Data for the Submission.
         The use of a Data Collection Sheet to accumulate data relevant to your specific Seta.

  • Phase Two: Drafting of the data collected.
          Draft the WSP/ATR on the relevant online Management System.

  • Phase Three: Collect all relevant documentation.
          Excelgrow will assist the company in the collection and development of all relevant Documentation.

  • Phase Four: Submission       
          Final Submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report.

Other relevant Benefits to consider:

  • Companies cannot do a B-BBEE verification without annual WSP/ATR Submissions.

  • Companies can claim back a portion of their SDL Levy paid to the SETA, when a successful submission has been conducted via Mandatory Grant submissions.

  • ExcelGrow can act as a Skills Development Facilitator to ensure all relevant compliances.

Next Steps:

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  • An assessment will be made of your specific needs, followed by an agreed upon process.

  • Note: The first meeting is always free of charge.

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