Unemployed Learners

Unemployed Learners - Curriculum


Training Focus Group:

  • Unemployed Learners are learners who have not been employed or who are currently not employed.

Training Objectives:

Training for this focus group is geared towards empowering learners to obtain skills:

  • To be empowered for the world of work - if an opportunity should come up for employment.

  • To be empowered to work for themselves.

Learner Selection:

  • Clients: Learners can be selected by the clients sponsoring the program.

  • ExcelGrow: Learners can be selected by ExcelGrow from an extensive network of learners.

Curriculum - National Qualification:

All learners are enrolled on the following National Qualification:

  • National Qualification: Business Practice  (SAQA 61755) - For more info - Click Here

Note: The learners are then registered to do various modules from the mentioned qualification until completion. 


See below:

Current Modules:

  • Module (SAQA 12537): Identify Personal Values and Ethics in the Workplace - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 15091): Plan to Manage One's Time - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 243189): Manage Personal Finances - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 119635): Business Communication Skills - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 110082): Understand the Impact of Customer Service on a Business - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 10006): Entrepreneurship - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 13999): Basic Accounting Practices - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 13176): The Nature of Business - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 110083): Business Numerical Data Analysis - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 116932): MS Windows Operate a PC - Click Here

  • Module (SAQA 9357): MS Windows Develop and Use Keyboard Skills - Click Here

Note: Modules from the National Qualification above are being added to the list on a continuous basis.

Roll out:

  • Duration: Four to five days per module.

  • Venue: Various site around Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape.

Next Steps:

  • Contact our office to arrange a meeting.

  • An assessment will be made of your specific needs, followed by an agreed upon process.

  • Note: The first meeting is always free of charge.