ExcelGrow Training Provider Accreditation Status

ExcelGrow Consulting is an accredited training provider with the Services Seta (Accreditation Nr.: 2346)

Skills Training - Administrative Support

ExcelGrow offers the following administrative support services:

  • Setting up of a Skills Training processes in the organisation

  • External Skills Development services

  • Workplace Skills Plan / Annual Training Reports completion

Skills Training - Flagship Programme: Personal Excellence & Leadership Programme (P&L)

The Personal Excellence & Leadership Programme (P&L) is our flagship training programme. It consist out of the following three Modules:

  • Intra-Personal Skills: Developing thinking skills, life control skills, personal values, life purpose, self-concept, etc.

  • Inter-Personal Skills: Develop an understanding of own behaviourial styles, communication skills, assertiveness skills, conflict resolution skills, etc.

  • Transformational Leadership Skills: Developing skills to lead and motivate followers, plan strategically, empowering followers, etc.

The objective of this programme is to empower people to to live life excellently in order to make a significant impact on their personal and professional environments.

If this programme is completed and successfully assessed it leads to a 12 credit NQF Level 4 qualification.

Skills Training - Disabled

Providing skills training to individuals with disabilities is an area that ExcelGrow has been targeting for growth. We are now uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality of skills training to people with disabilities in South Africa.


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Skills Training - Networking Partners

Excelgrow, through a variety of networking partners, is able to arrange for a variety of training programmes.

Please contact us to assist you with an skills development needs assessment and the sourcing of suitable training programmes.

For more information or to make an appointment contact our office or one of our consultants